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Acadia Landscape Constructions are Queensland’s foremost landscape construction company, servicing the display home industry, commercial properties and domestic clients throughout Queensland and Australia.

Acadia Landscape Constructions is committed to providing a complete landscaping service to our ever expanding client base which reaches from north Queensland through to Melbourne.

We offer our clients proven industry experience, a dedicated customer service team and highly skilled project managers.

We work closely with our clients to achieve innovative design solutions which are implemented during construction phase. Our construction team of full time landscape professionals are always on-site to ensure that all of our projects are well managed and completed on-time and within budget.

Acadia can cater to the demands of corporate clients, fill major government contracts and still be able to deliver outstanding landscape solutions to private residents.

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Our company constantly exceeds client expectations with our industry leading, eco-friendly landscaping solutions for a range of contexts.

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Acadia can cater for the demands of high end corporate clients, and fill major government contracts.


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The best vegetables to grow in Queensland this season
Landscaping tips

The sun and rain over the past few weeks in Queensland have made it the perfect time to grow plants and vegetables in the subtropics. 

Below, the team at Acadia Landscape Constructions gives a list of vegetables that can be planted in your backyard this season. 

1. Cherry tomato
Perfect for the subtropics, cherry tomatoes are a delicious and beautiful vegetable to plant in Queensland. Cherry tomatoes are generally quite fruitful, and add a beautiful tinge of colour to the landscape.

2. Wild Brassica 
A relative of broccoli, cauliflower and kale, wild brassica is an equally healthy addition to any salad and is a source of vitamins C and A. 

Wild brassica can be grown year-long, however it may be best to wait until the winter when eating the plant, as it is said to boast a sweeter taste in the colder months.

3. Sweet Potato 
The weather of the subtropics is the ideal climate for sweet potatoes, and they especially flourish during spring. 

One issue when it comes to sweet potato is controlling the growth of the plant. Many gardeners recommend trimming the plant across the season, and making use of the shoots as a green vegetable.  

4. Beans - lablab, winged, snake and ‘Purple King’
Where there is minimal space, vegetables of the climbing variety are useful if you are looking to grow a vegetable garden, but are concerned with room capacity.  

Beans are a common go-to vegetable as they are able to grow vertically, and are also less likely to perish when exposed to wet weather. 


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